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YM was established in 2002, We are a leading UK ladies clothing manufacturer. Our main activities are focused on the manufacture and supply of high quality Gents and ladies wear, to the better end of the retail market in the UK. This includes coats, jackets, trousers, skirts, dresses and blouses (structured and unstructured).

New Owner for the Manufacturing unit are BR FASHION LIMITED, Registered Company Number 13344232


Who Are We

Our experience is extensive and our quality is hopefully reflected in the quality of our clients. We constantly improve our garment manufacturing processes, Quality and excellent customer service. We greatly value our highly skilled, dedicated staff and take pride in the quality of garments they have helped us manufacture for over 16 years

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide professional garment manufacture to businesses at a competitive price. YM continues to deliver high quality solutions to businesses of all sizes on a national or international level. We strive to deliver a full-service solution to our clients, covering all aspects of the production process: From the initial consultation, the design brief, sampling, production, and final delivery.

What We Do

We can manufacture all types of garments, including tailored jackets, sportswear, outerwear and evening wear. We have experience working with various fabrics including (but not limited to) jersey, silk, wool and cotton.

Our history

YM was established in 2002 in London, a traditional textile region in the UK, and has manufactured garments for the premium sector of the market ever since. We have a factory in london, as well as one in the India , which are both completely owned. Made To Order – We are vendors of fashion, apparel and textiles, 100% customised to guarantee the bespoke results that will set you apart.




You send us all the data (design drawing and description) necessary for order completion



We prepare the digital patterns and then transfer them onto paper (or paperboard).



Using the aforesaid pattern we make the prototype



We work on your designs and patterns, to create the samples. We are happy to fit the samples in our premises, and re-sample until you are happy with the fit and finish of each style.



We Additional sizes of previously created piece are made.



We produce the entire collection according to information established throughout the process

Why choose us?

You can meet with us face to face, so you have the comfort of knowing who you’re dealing with, rather than being forced to only communicate via telephone & emails as with other manufacturers/suppliers. We believe this is key in establishing a trustworthy business relationship and to better understand you and your needs.

Every individual has their own unique ideas and imagination, and deserves a manufacturer that understands that and fulfil their ideas & imagination with 100% fully customised designs and production.

We are happy to fit the samples in our premises, and re-sample until you are happy with the fit and finish of each style. We build great relationships with our clients, offering general advise for your brand, as well as just your manufacturing needs.

Don’t settle for anything less than the most experienced in the industry, if you wish to produce the best products. We are working with major brands & retailers and also want to support new designer and entrepreneurs, Start ups.

We utilize only the most modern of production facilities & equipment, highly skilled & experienced staff, and ensure delivering you superior quality finished products.

With our passion in fashion, this is more than just a business to us. We will offer you as much or as little guidance as you need in terms of material, sizing or product design advice

We take our services and your business seriously, hence we are contactable any days in week including weekends. This makes all the difference between our services and those of competitors, especially when it comes to those last minute deadlines and short notice changes you have. You can rest assured you have a fully accessible and flexible service.

We reply to emails or answer phone calls promptly and quickly, ensuring our customers are always fully supported and satisfied.

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